"SANZA was the third agency I worked with and I am lucky to have found them!"

I landed in the UK two weeks ago, after having worked closely with the SANZA team to guarantee a smooth transition from Montreal to London. SANZA was the third agency I worked with and I am lucky to have found them! Their consultants are professional and always willing to help you with any issues or questions you have regarding both teaching and living in the UK. From the moment I contacted them to my first office visit I always felt that they were trustworthy and had my best interest in mind. The consultant was always honest and upfront about the teaching situtation and what to expect once I arrived. In addition, their guaranteed pay scheme and professional development sessions are the best offers I have seen, compared to other agencies. In the end, moving to a new city has its challenges, but with SANZA, all my insecurities were addressed and I was felt assured that moving to and working in London would be a wonderful and positive experience. I sincerely recommend this agency!

Laura, Secondary Teacher

So my transition over here to the UK was a simple and pleasant one. Both the Australian and UK Sanza team provided me with all the information I needed for when I arrived over in the UK. The London team were very helpful once I arrived as Kat and Olivia helped me through the process and supported me consistently- ensuring that I had all relevant details and information set up bad basically passed on my CV to schools throughout out London. I worked every day supply for about 3 months - there is an abundance of work available!! Eve was extremely helpful also as she always had a variety of work available from various schools.


After the Easter period, I was placed in a primary School in South East London for 2 weeks: 1 week year 3 and 1 week year 4. The following week I was asked to come back and work in a yr 5 class and basically was offered a permanent role to start immediately with the yr 5 group which I could not refuse as my experience was such a positive one. The school was very friendly and supportive as there are Teaching Assistants who are fantastic and the staff and children always provided positive feedback- always asking me to stay and become a teacher at the school which I did.


SANZA have been consistently available to assist any queries I have had along the way and do give continuous work - something that I did find hard to receive back home. I recommend this to anyone wanting to give teaching ago abroad...plenty to see and do and ultimately a memorable experience you won't forget!!”-

Steven Giammario

As a supply teacher, SANZA provided me with work at over twenty different secondary schools across ten months of employment. The most pleasing aspect about it was that every school was different. Each day, I was faced with new challenges and goals. Coming from a semi-experienced history in Australia, I believe SANZA has changed me as a teacher; I’ll go back to Australia feeling more knowledgable, confident and flexible. Through the friendly assistance of the numerous staff members at SANZA, I was never short of work. So if you’re coming over to London and you’re with SANZA, rest assured, you’re in good hands."

Rhys, Secondary Teacher

She is an asset to the company!!

From the very first moment I spoke to Kelly Duthie over the phone, she was fully efficient and competent in her role in guiding me in the process of joining SANZA to working overseas in London.  I was so impressed by this, I didn't even bother ringing opposition companies to enquire working with them. Instead, I eagerly commenced my joining process with her.  Kelly's dedication to her role and employees showed in her rapid reply to emails and direction in what was required and needed following up.   She has left me with a lasting impression of the exceptional standards by the company's employees and this excellent reputation and she should be recognised for this.  She is an asset to the company and her pleasant demeanor has made me feel welcome and eager to work with SANZA. It has been an absolute pleasure working and corresponding with her.  Thanks Kelly. Keep up the exceptional work! 

Rita, Primary Teacher

SANZA was such a fun agency to be a part of. Obviously I was very nervous to arrive in the UK not knowing anyone however SANZA constantly held social events to meet other fellow travelling teachers. The consultants were very easy going and the made the whole process stress-free. They also only contact you when needed whereas I found many other agencies kept calling me for no reason. I met so many amazing people and the experiences I had teaching in the UK are now priceless memories that I will always cherish. I now have found getting a teaching job back in Melbourne to be much easier with my UK experience as Melbourne is very competitive. So go on sign up with SANZA, get out there see the UK/Europe and further your career! However be warned the travel bug will infect you!

Kira, Primary Teacher

"Looks out for the welfare of their teachers"

Thanks to the team my transition from Australia to the UK went smoothly. A BIG MASSIVE thank you to my consultant who’s very supportive. Always just a phone call away he regularly followed up with me and my school to ensure I settled in. That’s what everyone wants in a new country, someone there to listen to your concerns and help resolve them, someone who looks out for you matching your interests, experience and ability to the right school. His efforts are also appreciated by the other teachers in my school who have been placed by him, commonly referred to as 'a GOOD MAN'! This agency certainly looks out for the welfare of their teachers. I’m glad to work with SANZA and will refer this agency to anyone who I know wants to move to UK to teach.



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