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Our Teaching Agency office in Australia is perfectly situated to help any teacher based in Australia who is looking for a teaching job in Australia or the UK. Our Australian office is based in Melbourne and is one of the leading education employment companies for teachers looking to find work in Australia.

Our head office is based in London, England and has direct contacts within many UK schools and colleges, and so we are also kept regularly updated with the latest teaching job opportunities within the UK.

If you are currently living in Australia and are looking for a teaching job within the UK then get in touch and let us help you find your perfect teaching role. 

So my transition over here to the UK was a simple and pleasant one. Both the Australian and UK Sanza team provided me with all the information I needed for when I arrived over in the UK. The London team were very helpful once I arrived as Kat and Olivia helped me through the process and supported me consistently- ensuring that I had all relevant details and information set up bad basically passed on my CV to schools throughout out London. I worked every day supply for about 3 months - there is an abundance of work available!! Eve was extremely helpful also as she always had a variety of work available from various schools.


After the Easter period, I was placed in a primary School in South East London for 2 weeks: 1 week year 3 and 1 week year 4. The following week I was asked to come back and work in a yr 5 class and basically was offered a permanent role to start immediately with the yr 5 group which I could not refuse as my experience was such a positive one. The school was very friendly and supportive as there are Teaching Assistants who are fantastic and the staff and children always provided positive feedback- always asking me to stay and become a teacher at the school which I did.


SANZA have been consistently available to assist any queries I have had along the way and do give continuous work - something that I did find hard to receive back home. I recommend this to anyone wanting to give teaching ago abroad...plenty to see and do and ultimately a memorable experience you won't forget!!”-

Steven Giammario


KS1 Class Teacher

Richmond, London


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