10 things you should know about moving to London

Posted: Jun 15 2016

If you are moving to London here are some top tips you may need to know!


·         Get to know the lingo – Pants and chips mean very different things in the UK than in America or Australia.

Top Tip – Look up the different meanings ‘apples and pears’ = stairs


 ·         Spend wiselyLondon is known for not being the cheapest area to live in, however there is so much to see and do, you’ll want to experience the true London life, plenty of this is free but some of some of this costs but it’s definitely worth it.

Top Tip – check Numbeo, it is a comparison site which allows you to compare all aspects of living life for example you can compare how much your food shop will cost where you are currently living to London.



 ·         The Nightlife! – London nightlife is amazing. So what better way to meet new people than in a pub or bar? If you are moving to London on your own it can be quite a daunting experience however you’ll find plenty of people in the same boat as you that are quick to become your friend. Work colleagues will become your friends if you want them to all you have to do is not be ‘the shy newbie’ say yes to lunch outings and pub after work (even if you don’t feel like it after working all day, it’s a great way to get to know your colleagues). The thing with London is there is plenty to do, you’ll never get bored.

Top Tip – Do not be shy and experience as many new things as you can. If you’re watching the pennies look online as there are plenty of discounts and hidden 2 for 1’s!


·         Learn to walk fast – It’s nice to have a leisurely stroll every now and then, but during rush hour you will need to be able to get places fast. Once you have learnt that you will actually find that everyone who walks slower needs a good kicking to get moving, a less aggressive way of handling slow walkers is to learn how to overtake.


 Top Tip – Get the tube when you can it will get you from A to B much quicker, although walking through London will mean you get to see the great scenery and learn routes a bit better. Also invest in some trainers!

Just a quick note on the tube: Stand to the right on the escalators, the left is the fast lane.


·         Hidden Treasures – As well as the popular tourist attractions in London, there is also tonnes of hidden treasures that not many people know about. There’s areas of amazing natural beauty that takes you to another world away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


 Top Tip - If you want somewhere to visit check here: http://metro.co.uk/2015/05/16/14-places-you-wont-believe-are-in-london-5196171/


·         The tube will make your day! – need to get somewhere in a rush? It feels like you can get anywhere in London within 10 minutes. It’s far quicker than getting a cab.

Top Tip – Make sure you check every morning before you got to work what the travel conditions are, also check before you leave work in the evening.


 ·         Get a map & an Oyster card – When you are new to London the whole concept of getting around is daunting which is why a map is essential! An Oyster card will also make your life ten times easier; all you need to do is top it up and go!

 Top Tip – Get these as soon as you arrive in London! There are plenty of different Apps you can download for a map and travel guide.


·         The weather is… shall we say temperamental! – When the sun does shine everyone will be making the most of it so you should too; experience the open air theatres, street performances or visit Hyde Park to see one of their many concerts! When the weather is bad visit the free Natural History Museum, Science Museum or many other indoor attractions.

Top Tip – Take your sun cream and your umbrella out and you’ll be prepared for the British summer.


·         The most cost effective way of living will be shared accommodation – Thousands of people opt for this option. If you are going to London alone you will find that rent is quite high, if you want to save your money for enjoying London, look for a flat share, you may even gain a few friends along the way! 

Top Tip – check the local areas beforehand and see what’s around before you put a deposit on a house or flat.


·         Always remember to drive on the left!! – If you are driving through London (most people will suggest not to drive and get the tube) remember that in the UK, people drive on the left hand side.

 Top Tip – Check whether you’re licenced in the UK before you come. However we recommend you don’t need a car in London.



 For more tips on moving to London, keep an eye on our blog.