3 Great Ideas For School Trips Out In London

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SANZA Teaching Agency can help you find vacancies in schools in London, whether you are an experienced teacher, a graduate looking to start your teaching career, or anywhere in between. We will provide you with all the help you need to make your move to the UK as easy as possible.

School trips present great educational opportunities for pupils, and can be fantastic fun for teachers and students alike. Here are just a few fun things you can do for school trips out in London.

3 Fun London School Trip Ideas

The London Dungeon

Part history lesson, part pantomime, The London Dungeon makes a fantastic group activity. It offers a theatrical storytelling experience that takes you through misty streets, plague-ridden houses and torture chambers. Don’t worry, though, this is still a family friendly attraction that is suitable for all ages. The gruesome subject matter is handled with a hugely entertaining sense of slapstick silliness- think Horrible Histories meets Monty Python. Expect rides, audience participation, and plenty of scares!

The London Eye

Providing an incredible view, The London Eye will give pupils an amazing perspective of the city of London. It’s a great way to give your students a clear overview of London’s structures and architecture. The construction of The London Eye also provides some fascinating insights into design, engineering, technology and architecture, with resource packs available that are relevant to key stages 1, 2 and 3.

The London Eye is situated right next to The London Dungeon, so if you and your school party are feeling really adventurous, you could do both activities in one day!

The Science Museum

This is one of the best museums in London for large parties of school children. The Science Museum features lots of engaging, informative and interactive exhibitions that provide insights into science and technology. Highlights include the Who Am I? section, where you can discover more about yourself through a series of hands-on exhibits, and the Exploring Space exhibition, which allows you to get up close with rockets, satellites, space probes and landers.

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