3 Unusual Ways To Get Around London

Posted: Jan 16 2014

Any teacher who comes to London for secondary or primary school teacher jobs will quickly become acquainted with the city’s sprawling transport system. Getting around London doesn’t just have to be about tube stations and taxi ranks, however. Below are a few more interesting ways to get from A to B in the capital.

Fun Transport Options For When You Get Bored Of The London Underground

Take An Open-Topped Bus Sightseeing Tour - The London original sightseeing tour is not only a great way to get around London, but also a fantastic introduction to the city for newcomers. You can see the sights of London from an open-topped bus as part of a hop-on, hop-off bus tour. Live multi-lingual commentaries are also available as part of the tour.

Take A Boat Trip Down Regent’s Canal- While there are many ways to get around London by rail and tarmac, the city also has plenty of canals and waterways to explore. Jason’s Canal Boat Trip takes you on a picturesque journey along Regent’s Canal through to Camden Lock and back again. Jason’s Trip, which lasts approximately 45 minutes each way, features a live historical commentary, and has been providing tours since 1951.

View London From The Front Seat Of The DLR- Most travelling by rail in London takes place underground, but the Docklands Light Railway is an exception. This over-ground rail service is automated and therefore has no driver on board, which gives passengers the opportunity to sit directly at the front of the train and view the journey from a ‘driver’s-eye’ view. Think of it as a cross between an open top bus tour and a pleasant rollercoaster ride. It’s a great way to get a panoramic view of London if you are not comfortable with the heights of the London Eye!

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