A Guide To The Best Pub Quizzes In London

Posted: Jan 21 2014

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There are plenty of great ways to spend an evening in London, but if you want to unwind whilst still putting your gray matter to good use, the city has loads of excellent pub quizzes you can take part in. Get your orders in at the bar and your pencils at the ready as we take you through some of the best pub quizzes you can find in London.

London’s Best Pub Quizzes

Antelope- This pub, which can be found in Tooting, hosts a general knowledge quiz that features a diverse range of questions. Another good reason to show up is the special offers available on the menu on quiz nights.

Boogaloo- Cinema buffs owe it to themselves to attend the film trivia quiz that takes place once a month at The Boogaloo in Highgate. Projections, sound clips and posters are used as part of this notoriously tricky quiz. There is no maximum team size, so bring as many people as you like and test your cinema knowledge!

Sir Richard Steele- Mobile phones have to be put away duringthe challenging quiz hosted at the Sir Richard Steele pub in Belsize Park to ensure you won’t cheat (not that you were going to anyway!). The quiz also features some interesting twists, such as the ability to gamble points in the final round for a chance at a cash prize.

The Lexington- The best quiz for music fans takes place at The Lexington in Islington. Expect a night of light-hearted fun with the Rough Trade Pop Quiz, where a bag of multi pack of crisps goes to the team with the best name.

These are just a few examples of the quizzes you can take part in across London. If you are heading to the capital to teach, take the opportunity to explore the many pubs scattered across London and the quizzes they host.

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