Advice for Teachers on Flat Hunting in London

Posted: Jan 24 2015

London is a fascinating place to live and teach in. The city is steeped in history with palaces and famous landmarks galore and it is also a cultural hub with lots of art galleries, museums, theatres and cinemas to visit and enjoy. There is something new and exciting for teachers to see and do every evening and weekend!

Finding the right place to live can be a key factor in making your stay in London an enjoyable one so it is worth taking time and trouble to get it right. For teachers coming to London from abroad, this aspect of your move can be one of the most difficult things to sort out. Preparation is very important. If you can you should try to arrange somewhere to stay on an interim basis until you have a chance to do some serious flat hunting for a more long term base.  

SANZA Teaching Agency is a top UK teaching agency helping teachers from Canada, Australia and New Zealand find teaching jobs in London and we have listed some useful tips to help you find a place to live in the Capital.

Where to start:

The cost of renting a place in London is going to be a major financial outlay while you are teaching in the city. Rents can be high even for a one bedroom flat so sharing a flat with others may be a more affordable option that you may wish to consider. In general the further from the centre of London you go the cheaper the rents are likely to be. The more affordable areas are mostly in the east and south of the city. Areas of London that are traditionally favoured by Aussies include Earl’s Court and Shepherd’s Bush.

There are a number of routes that people seeking accommodation can take and these are listed below:

  • Try internet sites - The internet can be a tremendous help in your search as you can start your quest to get a roof over your head before you arrive in the city. It is also a very valuable resource for researching what is available and the type of prices that landlords will be asking for. Sites like Spareroom, RoomMatesUK and Gumtree are worth checking regularly. Be wary of scams and never wire money without viewing the flat and checking the terms in the agreement.
  • Network – if you have friends or relatives in London, let them know that you are looking for a place to stay. They may be able to help. Also enquire at the school where you will be working. Fellow teachers may know of places where an extra flatmate is being sought.
  • Contact an estate agent – though they are seen by some as sharks, estate agencies in London that specialise in renting out flats, bedsits and houses are worth trying.
  • Check local newspaper housing ads - Local newspapers such as the Kilburn Times, the Romford Recorder, the South London Press and the Enfield Gazette are great sources of information. A full list of the paid and free newspapers of London can be found here.
  • Shop Window Ads - Many newsagents display cards in their windows listing local flats for rent. If you have a particular area in mind for your flat search this is worth trying as you can also get a feel for the area at the same time.


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