Anglo/German School Open For The First Time In The UK!

Posted: Dec 24 2013

The very first bilingual state school has been opened in South London, raising hopes that the attitude towards learning a second language will improve. Primary school teachers who work in the Judith Kerr School have been given permission to open this type of facility by Michael Gove, the Education Secretary. An idea by Peter Johnson, who is half-German, the school is aimed at helping bilingual family children retain a second language in compulsory school education as well.

Bilingual Primary School Teachers At The First German/English School

Before primary school, Johnson’s son went to a bilingual nursery school in the area. However, Mr Johnson had fears that the knowledge of the second language would fade with the commencement of compulsory education.

It was the search for a solution to introducing the bilingual approach into compulsory education that helped to establish this type of school. This type of a facility, which was a rarity in the past, can now promote the learning of multiple languages.

Right now the school aims to recruit 350 pupils before it becomes a fully functional school in the upcoming four years. The children start with learning with one fifth of the curriculum in German, whereas the remaining 80 per cent is in English. Gradually, the proportions change to 50% by the second year.

However, not all the pupils who are attending the Judith Kerr Primary school come from a German background. There are a number of Portuguese and Spanish speakers. Sometimes, the classes have to be split into two groups, one of which is for bilingual pupils, while the second is for beginners in German.

The school takes a holistic approach and conducts classes for the parents of the children in German. This is done in order to ensure that they can keep up with the children and even help them in school work, if needed.

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