Become a Teacher in the UK

Posted: Nov 08 2013

Are you looking for security and satisfaction in your job? Then a teacher’s position may be just what you need. A teacher’s job also allows you to pursue a career in education, and there are a wide range of positions available at schools. There are many other reasons why you should consider UK teaching jobs and the opportunities that they offer.

Most Popular UK Teaching Jobs And Types Of Schools

A teacher’s job in the UK can be the start of an exciting, rewarding career. People looking for UK teaching jobs generally have two options:

  • Supply teaching. This is the first option suggested to overseas educators as it allows them to work at different schools and get hands-on experience of the curriculum in the UK. In addition to the great opportunity to try out teaching in a number of different school settings, this type of option is also flexible in terms of schedule. What is more, if you are a good fit for the school, you may be offered a long-term position.


  • Long-term teaching. There are UK teaching jobs available for a wide variety of subjects. If you have been a supply teacher for a while, this type of employment is a great option because you get to work in one school. This allows you to get better acquainted with the dynamics of the school and make your own contribution.


There four main types of schools where you can teach in the UK. The first is state schools, which are open to the public and are government-funded. The second type is grammar schools, where students have to complete exams to be admitted. The third type is religious schools, which are also open to the public and funded by the government. The fourth type is independent and private schools, which get funds from tuition fees and may require entrance exams.

Exciting Teaching Jobs In The UK With SANZA

Here at SANZA we work with all types of schools. This allows us to offer you the right environment where you will feel the most comfortable while teaching. We believe that the best way to make teachers school assets is by finding the right candidate who matches the criteria of the school.

There are many exciting teaching jobs available in the UK. Here at SANZA we can use our experience to help find the right teaching job for you. If you are a teacher abroad, we will take care of your visa, insurance, flights and the other documents.

Find an enriching teaching job with SANZA today! For more information please call 0845 873 4562 or submit your CV.