Celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving in schools

Posted: Oct 10 2014

On Monday Canadian’s celebrate Thanksgiving, we would like to wish all our teachers who have come to teach in London a great day!

What better way to share your culture with your pupils than to teach them about the history and traditions of Thanksgiving. Perhaps you already have some ideas about how you will incorporate a Canadian theme into the school day but please allow us to make a few suggestions that we think may add to the fun!

Teach your pupils how to draw the Canadian flag and then explain why the maple leaf features on it. What is the history behind the flag? How is it similar to the British flag? How is it different?

Use the occasion to explain about Canada’s history and traditions. Tell them the story of how the first Thanksgiving was celebrated by the English explorer Martin Frobisher. Did you know that he was raised in London? Talk about how Canada holds Thanksgiving earlier in the year than the United States. Explain the difference in the weather between the two countries and how the harvest in Canada was brought in earlier than on American farms. You could use maps to demonstrate this. How about asking if they can name the capital city? Or the national emblem? After that you can have a quiz to make it a really engaging activity.

A traditional key ingredient of Thanksgiving is food, so why not show your pupils the sort of feast that Canadian families enjoy? Although very familiar with turkey, show them how to make pumpkin pie. This should have novelty value as this is a dish that is not generally baked in the UK. If there are not the facilities on hand to allow baking in the classroom, you could make (or buy) a pie over the weekend and bring it in for the kids to taste. We are sure they will love it!

Discuss the values behind Thanksgiving with your class and what sort of things they might be grateful for and why. You can then ask them to write an essay listing the things they feel gratitude for, explaining their reasons.

Finally, in keeping with the spirit of the occasion, we would like to express our thanks to all our teachers and support staff for your continued dedication and professionalism. Thank you for choosing to share your talents with us here in London.