Have You Considered Christmas Volunteering in London?

Posted: Nov 28 2014

As the end of the school term approaches, everyone’s thoughts turn to the Christmas and New Year holidays. Have you planned what you will do over the festive break while you are in the London? Why not volunteer your time to a charity?  It is a practical and fun way of showing the true spirit of Christmas!

Many charities are looking for voluntary help at this time of year. Bringing some good cheer to those who need it most has never been easier and there are lots of roles available. The key is to find a volunteer position that you would enjoy and are capable of doing. Teachers have many workplace skills that are really useful for charitable work. Patience, a caring attitude, advocacy skills, teamworking, communication, project planning and organisational abilities are all resources that are very much in demand by charities.

Not only will volunteering your time help others in the community, there are some surprising benefits that you gain by your philanthropic actions. For example, it’s a fantastic way to make new friends, especially if you are new to an area. Why not widen your social circle and get involved in something enjoyable and fulfilling that would also look good on any CV?

Another important point is that you can choose when you work – there doesn’t have to be a big commitment on your part. Even little things can brighten someone else's Christmas. As Jennie Smith, volunteer manager for homeless charity Crisis says, “The nice thing about volunteering at Christmas is there are lots of one-off opportunities to help people less fortunate.”

So what’s on offer? If you're interested in offering your services to good causes, here is a list of some of the volunteering opportunities that are available throughout the London area at Christmas.

  •  Crisis at Christmas has over 9,000 volunteering opportunities to help the homeless throughout the Capital. Help out in a residential centre providing food and shelter over the Christmas period.
  • If you want to help the elderly, the Rotary Club is organising a Christmas Day event at Battersea Park.  Helpers are needed both on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to help out with venue setting, escorting elderly people onto buses and serving meals.
  • Kids Company need volunteers for their Christmas party, especially from those who can help with stewarding, arts and crafts, sports and games, therapy and relaxation, health and beauty and dinner hall duties. Help is needed for the Christmas Day party and the Boxing Day clear-up.

 People who volunteer at Christmas find that they experience more meaning and satisfaction in this time of giving by helping people in their community. After using your valuable skills in a different setting over Christmas you may want to try other new challenges. Maybe you will even make a New Year resolution to find a new job?

If you want to find a long term way of helping people then contact SANZA.  We are a leading London teaching agency and we can help you find teaching jobs in London schools that will give you the chance to help young people through education. Register with us today!


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