Introducing Erin!

Posted: Jun 13 2014

Hi, my name’s Erin Horman and I’m responsible for the overseas teachers from Australia, New Zealand and Canada who wish to live and work in London through SANZA Teaching Agency. Before moving to London I was a full-time primary school teacher living and working in my home town Melbourne, Australia.  The change was prompted by a colleague who recommended the experience of moving to London to live and work with the support of SANZA.

My experience too, turned out to be wonderfully positive. There were challenges of living in a new country but I soon learnt to embrace everything which came my way. Plus there were so many positive things to focus on, like the trips to Europe I had planned.

I came into my current role after being asked by one of the Directors at SANZA if I’d like to take up the position of an office based role but still very much connected to the Education sector. I’d been a supply teacher in London for SANZA for 6 months - they were looking for someone with both teaching experience and relatively new to the country, ensuring I could share my knowledge and experience of moving abroad to teach.

I find my job hugely rewarding, being part of a team that works with passionate and enthusiastic teachers, placing them in their ideal roles. To those considering making the journey of teaching in London I’d say; be open and flexible so that as many opportunities are open to you as possible. Be prepared for tough times but also be reassured that the rewards and the experience will be worthwhile.

I may be biased but…definitely consider SANZA to support you on this journey. Our experience makes the process seamless, supporting you every step of the way.

There are varying levels of flexibility with job opportunities so we can place teachers in their ideal role whether that be daily supply or long-term positions. We do our best to make sure our teachers get what they want out of their journey and achieve the ultimate antipodean experience.