More Top Students Becoming Teachers, Suggests Data

Posted: Dec 17 2013

The number of trainee teachers who have top degrees and are now taking up teaching jobs has increased, recent numbers presented by the Department of Education have revealed. Rising by three percentage points, the figures were welcomed by the largest teaching unions who see this as a positive trend. However, according to one of the largest teachers’ unions, these trends had already started a while ago.

Despite promising tendencies, the numbers have also uncovered the fact that a shortage of qualified teachers is still evident in certain areas. Therefore, it has become an apparent issue which, according to the teachers’ unions, should be addressed by the current government.

Attractiveness Of Teaching Jobs For Top Graduates

The number of newly graduated teachers getting a job within the first six months after qualifying has risen. According to Charlie Taylor, the chief executive of the National College for Teaching and Leadership, these numbers were great news, as children deserve excellent teachers.

These trends are further supported by the fact that schools recognised the increase in the quality and accept trainee teachers more quickly. However, the figures also uncovered the fact that the shortage of teachers in certain areas has become more problematic.

Furthermore, school teaching jobs are not always taken by the needed specialists of certain subjects. High quality educators are much needed for English, maths and science in certain locations in the UK.

It has been suggested that the government must prioritise a national strategy which would ensure that a sufficient number of teaching graduates are employed for each needed subject. However, the recent rise in top graduates taking up teaching jobs is not seen as an achievement of the current government.

Chris Keates, the representative of the National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers (NASUWT), has said that the process had begun long before the current government had even been elected into office.

What is more, the NASUWT teachers’ union claims that the government continues to ignore the bigger picture. The NASUWT believes that Michael Gove fails to acknowledge the fact that the current educational system is facing a serious crisis. The current situation with pay, working conditions, workload and professional status all have a negative influence on the attractiveness of teaching jobs.

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