Ofsted Suggest Children Should Start School At 2 Years Old

Posted: Dec 18 2013

Currently, in order to go to a primary school in the UK a child has to be at least five years old. However, according to Baroness Sally Morgan, the senior Ofsted officer, children should be sent to school as early as two years old. Why should you consider giving your two year old an early start for their education?

Should School Teachers Be Teaching Children As Young As Two?

According to Baroness Morgan, children should start school as early as two years old in order to eradicate the effect poverty can have on their performance. As of now, children from poorer homes are about 19 months behind their peers when they start their school at the age of five. Why is it that children from poorer homes are doing less well than other children?

Baroness Morgan claims poor housing, diet, the poor educational accomplishments of their parents, and apathetic parenting are to blame. Children raised in these circumstances reportedly have poorer skills, and are usually not ready to go to school. While the education system focuses on children from five years old and older, there is less emphasis on how children under five years old are developing their skills.

There are various programs that are focussed on providing children with the best possible environment and qualified school teachers to help them learn and develop. For example, there is the Teach First program, where the brightest graduates are being assigned to inner city schools which are looking for passionate and skilled school teachers.

Adjustments in the school system can be made to improve progress for younger children, such as introducing free meals and including under-five year olds, as well as hiring more school teachers who would concentrate on educating children under the age of five.

Ofsted recently launched nursery and pre-school inspections, only to come up with troubling results. The inspections revealed that 157,000 children under the age of five were placed in establishments that didn’t deliver on their standards. If these pre-schools and nurseries fail to improve, they may be forced to close.

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