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Posted: Jul 30 2013

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Statistics for writing in 2012 revealed that 23% of 11 year olds and 17% of 7 year olds failed to reach the expected standard for their age group.  In a bid to address the decline in written English, all 11 year olds will have to take a new spelling, grammar and punctuation test. 

The Education Minister, Elizabeth Truss, stated that this rigorous test will raise the standards for all children.  The new test will consist of a 45 minute grammar test and a separate 15 minute spelling test of 20 words.  The exam will cover correct use of punctuation and ensure that pupils apply grammatical rules.  Truss stated that many children struggle with the basics of English at primary schools and then fail to catch up at secondary school, which is why employers express discontent over the poor literacy of school and college leavers.  This new exam calls for all primary schools to place a strong focus on the teaching of key writing techniques and ensure that children leave primary school confident in these skills. 

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