Red Tape to be cut for Australian and Kiwi Teachers moving to the UK?

Posted: Nov 06 2014

Changes to the immigration rules for Aussies and Kiwis moving to the UK may be on the way. A recent report has recommended the reversal of the current British Government immigration policy that limits migrants from outside Europe to just 20,000. 

Although only at report stage, the proposal would change the rules governing the entry requirements for visitors from the Antipodes enabling any eligible Australian or New Zealander who wanted to travel to live and work in Britain to do so on a free visa. The same would apply for British citizens wanting to work in Australia or New Zealand.

If the recommendations receive official backing, it is hoped that the scheme will reverse the falling numbers of Australians and New Zealanders migrating to the UK. In 1999, there were 40,000 Australians living in the UK, in 2011 just 26,000.

London’s mayor, Boris Johnson, has given the report his thumbs up, calling the current visa system discriminatory. He highlighted the plight of Sally Roycroft, an Australian working as a London teacher who was told to leave the UK. "She is Australian; and she has been told to bog off by the authorities in our country because it was, they said, too much of a palaver to go through the business of 'sponsoring' her to stay." he said.

SANZA, as a leading UK teaching agency, specialising in finding teachers and support staff work in London schools, welcomes this proposal. It would cut the amount of red tape teachers and teaching agencies in the UK have to contend with, making it easier and cheaper for people to live and work in the UK. The education system would benefit by the arrival of qualified teachers amid a national teacher shortage.

We await further developments with interest and we hope that a fair and just arrangement can be arrived at that will be mutually beneficial to both London schools and teachers from the Antipodes.

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