SANZA’s Erin to Attend Teaching Fairs in Canada

Posted: Nov 04 2014

We have always found Canada to be an impressive source of teaching talent and this success has ensured that we send education consultants over to Canada to attend a series of teaching fairs at Universities. We hope to visit as many provinces as possible and have already confirmed visits across the country from Queens University in Kingston, Ontario to The University of British Columbia in Vancouver, British Columbia. 

This is somewhat of a regular endeavour for SANZA, crossing the ocean to speak to adventurous and committed teachers. Speaking with enthusiastic and skilled students, we are always excited to find those that will take the leap. We feel this will prove to be highly beneficial both for prospective Canadian teachers and for SANZA as a leading UK teaching agency.

One of our intrepid team who will be crossing the pond is Erin who we introduced here.  Erin hails from Melbourne, Australia, lives in London and will shortly be jetting off to Canada for us. It certainly goes to show that SANZA teaching agency creates amazing globetrotting opportunities for our staff! In her search for the perfect candidates for UK teaching jobs and in keeping with her keen sense of adventure, Erin is looking forward to the trip.

We asked Erin for her take on the importance of SANZA having a presence on the ground in Canada and she commented as follows:

With the shortage of teaching roles available in specific areas of Canada, so many newly qualified teachers find themselves giving up their dreams and working outside of education. It’s great to know that we can offer these teachers work in the UK, supporting them every step of the way in beginning their teaching career.

On a lighter note we asked Erin what she was most looking forward to during her visit to the True North. Seeing the Northern Lights?  Skiing? Moose spotting?

I always get excited about my trip to Canada. The people are lovely and although it’s still hard as an Aussie to get used to the freezing weather, the snow covered landscape still makes for a great photo! This year, I’m excited to visit the west coast and explore what the city of Vancouver has to offer.

We would like to thank Erin for her commitment and endeavour and wish her an enjoyable and successful Canadian trip. Are you thinking of attending? If so, Erin and the team look forward to being on hand to offer support, guidance and career advice to you before you embark on your adventure. Unable to attend or contemplating a move to the UK as an experienced teacher? Register online today.

SANZA Teaching Agency's Erin in Canada