Teaching Assistant Vacancies In London: Are You Qualified?

Posted: Aug 16 2013

If you are looking to start your career in education and want the opportunity to start working in a classroom, consider some of our many teaching assistant vacancies in London.


We are one of the most reliable and successful teaching recruiters in London.  We have great opportunities for everyone who wants to get involved in the teaching industry. In addition, our experienced consultants can offer you a personalised service and detailed feedback so you are fully prepared for the vacancies you are eligible to apply for.


General Job Description Of Teaching Assistant Vacancies In London


On the Sanza job search page you can view a great range of full time and part time teaching assistant vacancies in London. A great aspect of working in London is that all the schools are easily accessible via the many transport links in the capital city.


However before you begin selecting which teaching assistant (TA) jobs you’d like to apply for, you need to make sure you have all the necessary qualifications and skills.

As you are aware being a TA involves offering support to the teacher so they can focus on leading the whole class. Your role will involve setting up the classroom for lessons, helping teachers during outings and working with the pupils as they learn and complete their assignments. In some cases this may involve working with children who have special needs.


If you specialise in a particular subject, you can also offer more detailed support in those particular lessons, such as modern foreign languages. 


Entry Requirements For A Teaching Assistant


Unlike teaching roles that require you to go on full teacher training courses, to become a teaching assistant you do not need a specific qualification. Generally, a good level of reading, writing and numeracy skills is needed (ideally GCSE or equivalent) alongside communication and organisational skills.


Depending on the Local Education Authority where the school is based, they will include their own set of guidelines on the people they are looking to employ. It is always an added bonus if you have prior experience of working with children or volunteering in a school; although this is not always essential. If you are currently building up your work experience, try to do it with the age group you want to work with as a TA.


Finally before securing one of the teaching assistant vacancies in London, or indeed anywhere else in the UK, you are required to pass a CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check before working with children.


Teaching assistants are required in primary and secondary schools, as well as special needs schools. All of which contact Sanza Teaching Agency when they are searching for new teaching staff.