The Best Cheap Places to Eat in London

Posted: Feb 12 2014

Looking for a change of scenery? Many people are considering immigrating to the UK to take up teaching jobs in London, and it’s easy to see why – this bustling Alpha World City is home to some of the best the world has to offer in everything from food to activities. A lot of people also have reservations about the cost of living and worry when they need not. Have a look at the list of the best cheap eats that we’ve found in London across a range of cuisines!

The Top 5 Cheap Places to Eat in London

No matter what your favourite food is, you’re bound to see something you like in the list of eateries we’ve come up with:

  • Herman ze German – If your taste in food makes you a fan of the wurst, Herman ze German’s Old Compton Street branch will provide you with some of the best specialist German sausages money can buy. Along with some tasty chips and a stein of good beer, you’ll find that a meal for two will set you back about £25 (45 AUD/50 NZD/45 CAD).
  • Jerk City – A favourite for local West Indians, Jerk City will serve you up the finest jerk chicken, curried mutton, prawn roti or ackee and saltfish this side of Bridgetown. The upmarket ambience provided by the establishment’s Soho surroundings also nicely juxtaposes with the simple Caribbean food on offer. A meal for two costs about £20 with drinks (35 AUD/40 NZD/35 CAD).
  • Mario’s Café – a North London favourite, this typical English ‘caff’ is as renowned for its high quality English breakfasts as it is for its Italian daytime meals. If you’re looking for a quaint little spot surrounded by pastel- coloured cottages, this is the one for you. A meal for two with hot drinks will cost around £18 (30 AUD/35 NZD/30 CAD)
  • Advisory – popular with both Hackney locals and their diaspora, this small burger joint is perhaps more conventional than our other favourites. The three types of burger they serve (beef, bacon and veggie) are all worth a shot, and at only £5 each you’ll get a bit more than you bargained for. A meal for two will do about £20 worth of damage (35 AUD/40 NZD/35 CAD), so you won’t be breaking the bank.
  • Maoz – the star of this vegetarian snack bar is the falafel filled pitta, a somewhat unorthodox combination that has evolved into a tasty treat – make sure you check it out with the salad for the full range of flavours. Food for two will be about £15 (25 AUD/30 NZD/25 CAD).

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