Things to do in London this summer!

Posted: Jun 27 2014

As the term comes to an end, you might want to start thinking about making plans for the summer holidays. There are obviously going to be lesson plans to do or lots of preparation for those teachers starting at a new school. Either way, it is important to have some time to yourself and to make that time count.

Apart from a change of scenery and possibly getting out and seeing some of the sights of our Capital, you might be looking for a personal challenge. You will hopefully feel that you have achieved something, feel refreshed and rejuvenated and also have something to share back in school. Part of the role of a teacher is to inspire and encourage so your summer event could be exciting classroom news.

The Great London Swim is one such event, scheduled for the 30th of August and registration still open. This is a challenge that involves either a half-mile or mile swim at Millwall docks. The event site is overlooked by Canary Wharf and swimmers of all abilities take to open water in our Capital’s docklands. It is also an opportunity to raise money for charity by participating and doing the swim as a sponsored event.

There is also Prudential Ride London – Surrey 100 on Sunday 10th August. The 100 mile route maintains the legacy for cycling from the London 2012 Olympics. Testing climbs and a famous route makes it a truly spectacular event. The race finishes on The Mall facing Buckingham Palace. You can’t really get more ‘London’ than as well as the fresh air and lively atmosphere. Our Candidate Attraction Manager, Jade, was one of 80,000 lucky people to receive a ballot place and we wish her luck. 

Whatever you decide to treat yourself to, make it memorable. Take the opportunity to see and explore our vibrant Capital and share your wonderful experiences with the children in your classroom to make coming back to school positive and exciting.