Top Qualities Of People In Special Needs Teaching

Posted: Aug 18 2013

 Great teachers inspire students towards greatness and they can be remembered throughout a person’s lifetime. There are many qualities that all teachers must generally posses, but in special needs schools or with special needs students, you need to have additional character traits that will help you excel. Having these qualities is beneficial not just for you, but also for the students.

What You Should Know About Special Needs Teaching

Special needs teaching gives you an opportunity to work closely with children that require greater attention with their learning. Having a good understanding of the children’s behaviour and capabilities, you can enable them to reach their full potential and possibly even exceed it.   

Top Qualities Of People In Special Needs Teaching

  • The most important trait in not only special needs teaching, but also in any teaching job, is to have a genuine love for what you are doing. Without compassion for your students you will struggle to empathise with any struggles they may have in the classroom.
  • You have to be patient with your students and know that small steps go a long way.
  • A good sense of humour will lighten yours and your student’s days. Have fun while you’re teaching and make the children really want to be there.
  • Be confident in the decisions that you make and trust what you’ve been taught, as you may face some difficult and confrontational situations with your special needs students.
  • Always be optimistic. Sometimes simple tasks can become battles for students with disabilities. Special needs teaching involves offering hope and encouragement in difficult situations.
  • Be dedicated to your students. Working with your students for an extended period of time will help instil trust in your relationship as you teach them. Furthermore it can serve as a big self confidence boost as you become more familiar with them. It can also enable you to better understand their unique strengths and weaknesses.


Special needs teaching is a job filled with a lot of responsibilities and requires real commitment. If you are looking for special needs schools to work in, contact Sanza Teaching Agency for assistance in finding UK teaching jobs.