Typical Day For A Teaching Assistant In London

Posted: Aug 16 2013

If you are considering the possibility of applying for teaching assistant vacancies in London, find out first from Sanza Teaching Agency what this job will entail.

By getting insights and information into the job you’re interested in, you will have a better idea of what employer’s are looking for when you prepare for interviews. Also if you’re contemplating becoming a full time teacher, becoming a teaching assistant is a great way to gain experience before starting your teacher training course.

What Do You Do As A Teaching Assistant?

The teaching assistant’s day starts around 8 a.m. With the class teacher, they will spend some time discussing the outlined plan of the day and setting up activities for the first lesson. This time (and lunch break) is the best time to address any queries and offer suggestions on how they could get more involved in the lessons.

School officially begins at 9a.m, so they may need to offer some assistance in ensuring the children are all settled down and in their seats ready to start work promptly.

During lessons the teacher will take the lead and the teaching assistant will be available to give extra support for children who have any questions as they’re working. They may also have the opportunity to work with a small group of children.

After the assistant has become more experienced in the classroom, they will have the opportunity to lead a few lessons as well and possibly introduce any subjects they specialise in such as languages.

During any school outings, the teaching assistant will be required to help monitor the children and keep them engaged in the activities they’ll be doing.

The school day ends at around 3.20pm. After the children have left there is an opportunity to discuss how the day went with the class teacher and then finish the working day at around 3.45pm.

Find Teaching Assistant Vacancies In London From Sanza Teaching Agency

This is typically what a day for a teaching assistant involves. The teaching assistant vacancies in London listed on our website provide more detail on more specific requirements of the job. For example if you are required to work closely with a specific group of pupils.

The vacancies can be found in primary, secondary and special needs schools.