UK Teaching Jobs Set To Rise As 102 New School Applications Are Approved

Posted: Aug 16 2013

On the 22nd May 2013, 102 applications for opening new free schools were approved by the Department for Education.  It is expected that by doing this the number of free school places will increase by 50,000, consequently creating new UK teaching jobs from 2014 onwards.

Many of these new schools will be based in areas of deprivation or in places where there is a shortage of schools. 64% of the mainstream schools are expected to be located in 50% of the most deprived communities in the country.

By region, the 102 schools will be based in:

  •  London (46)
  •  North West (11)
  •  South East (11)
  • Yorkshire and Humber (9)
  •  East of England (9)
  • West Midlands (8)
  • East Midlands (5)
  •  South West (3)

 More Opportunities For People Seeking UK Teaching Jobs

Although free schools are funded by the government, they have total freedom to control how their money is spent, the length of the school day and the curriculum they will use.

These types of schools are run by the teaching staff, so for teachers that are seeking an opportunity to be more creative and influential in what they teach their students and how, these new UK teaching jobs will be most ideal.

As Education Secretary Michael Gove said “Free schools are extremely popular with parents and are delivering strong discipline and teaching excellence across the country”.

Variety Of Schools With New Teaching Jobs

Some of the new schools have already been announced and they vary greatly. For example, teachers could have the chance to work in:

  • National Autistic Society (NAS) Free Schools
  •  East London Academy of Music
  • Queen Elizabeth Grammar School In Blackburn
  • Liverpool Institute of the Performing Arts (LIPA) Free School
  • XP School in Doncaster (inspired by USA schools)


This varied list of schools offers a promising future for teachers around the country who are looking to specialise in different fields of education as they search for UK teaching jobs.


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