ANZAC Day 'Lest we forget'

Posted: Apr 20 2015

This year 2015 is the 100th Anniversary since the ANZAC landings in the First World War. To commemorate this important day there will be three ceremonies held in London and others across the UK.


When is ANZAC Day?

ANZAC Day is on the 25th April every year.

What does ANZAC mean?

The word ANZAC stands for the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.

Why is ANZAC Day so important?

On the 25th April 1915 the ANZACs landed on the Gallipoli peninsula. Their objective was to capture Istanbul the capital of Turkey which was a German ally. On 9th January 1916 the ANZACs were evacuated from Turkey. Over 8000 Australians and 2779 New Zealanders had lost their lives.

What events are taking place in the UK to commemorate the ANZACs?


Dawn Service
When: 5am Dawn Service
Where: Wellington Arch, Hyde Park Corner
Service Duration: 1 hour

Tickets are not required. The entry point for the public is off spleyWay. We suggest you arrive early, but not before 2:30am as it will be very busy. During this service wreaths will be laid at the Australian and New Zealand War Memorial, and there will be a commemorative Waiata and a performance from Ngati Ranana.

Wreath Laying Ceromony and Parade
When: 11am (Areas open at 8am)
Where: The Cenotaph, Whitehall
Ceremony Duration: 30mins

Tickets are not required. Spaces are on a first come first served basis. There will be wreaths laid and a march. Public viewing areas are on Parliament Street between King Charles Street and Great George Street at the Parliament Square end of Whitehall. Access will be from the junction of Parliament Square and Bridge Street. Also, the pavement on Whitehall from the junction of Whitehall and Downing Street northwards. Access will be available through Whitehall Place. There will also be limited spaces around Parliament Square.


Commemoration & Thanksgiving Service
When: 1pm
Where: Westminster Abbey
Service Duration: 1 hour

Tickets required and are fully subscribed. In attendance will be His Excellency the Rt Hon Sir Lockwood Smith, High Commissioner for New Zealand and His Excellency the Hon Mike Rann, High Commissioner for Australia.

St Albans

When: 19th April
Start time: 3pm
Where: Hatfield Road Cemetery
The Parade meets at the cemetery gates in Hatfield Road at 2.45 pm, and marches down to the War Memorial for a short service followed by the laying of wreaths. 


When: 25th April
Start time: 11am
Where: Hall of Memory, Centenary Square, Birmingham
There will be a wreath laying service to mark Anzac Day and St George’s Day.

For more ANZAC Day services around the UK please click here.