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Things to do in London this summer!

Posted: Jun 27 2014

As the term comes to an end, you might want to start thinking about making plans for the summer holidays. There are obviously going to be lesson plans to do or lots of preparatio...

Things to do this summer!

Posted: Jul 23 2014

The summer has arrived and if you’ve moved to London to teach, you must be looking forward to the chance to explore the city, the UK and Europe. Being new to teaching and living ...

Top 10 Spas in London to Enjoy

Posted: Mar 14 2014


Top 20 Amazing Things To Do In London Part One

Posted: Mar 18 2014


Top 20 Amazing Things To Do In London Part Two

Posted: Mar 21 2014


Top 5 Places To Enjoy Dance In London

Posted: Mar 07 2014


Watch Bonfire Night Fireworks go with a Bang!

Posted: Nov 04 2014

November 5th is Bonfire Night which means one thing…fireworks! Firework displays present a great opportunity for adults and children alike to get out and have an evening of fun a...

What are the advantages and disadvantages of teaching outside?

Posted: Jun 25 2015

Over the years there has been a noticeable decrease in the amount of time children are spending outside. We have taken a look into why students are spending less time outdoors an...

What Music Festivals Are Taking Place In London This Year?

Posted: Feb 24 2014


Looking back at Rio 2016 in the Classroom

Posted: Aug 23 2016

As the world’s eyes fall upon the Rio 2016 Olympics, the greatest athletes in the world come together to compete for national pride and most importantly an Olympic medal. The aim...

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