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10 things you should know about moving to London

Posted: Jun 15 2016

Top Tips for moving to London. Get to know the lingo – Pants and chips mean very different things in the UK than in America or Australia.

3 Great Ideas For School Trips Out In London

Posted: Dec 30 2013 Comments: 1


ANZAC Day 'Lest we forget'

Posted: Apr 20 2015

To find out more about ANZAC Day and where you can attend to pay your respects please read on.

Become a Teacher in the UK

Posted: Nov 08 2013


Bring the Rugby World Cup to your School

Posted: Oct 14 2015

The competition at the Rugby World Cup is hotting up, are you making the most of it at school? Read on to make sure your class is not missing out!

Calling All Canadian Teachers: Why Not Come And Teach In The UK?

Posted: Feb 06 2014


Canada Day 2014

Posted: Jul 01 2014

July 1st is the national day of Canada, a statutory holiday in Canada celebrating the anniversary of the British North America Act, 1867 (today called the Constitution Act, 1867...

Celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving in schools

Posted: Oct 10 2014

On Monday Canadian’s celebrate Thanksgiving, we would like to wish all our teachers who have come to teach in London a great day!

Exciting Opportunities For Secondary School Vacancies In The New Year

Posted: Dec 12 2013


Get your class involved: Wimbledon Lesson Plan

Posted: Jun 24 2015

Looking for fun class lesson plan ideas? Wimbledon is just around the corner and there are some great activities that you could utilise in your next class. Read on for more detai...

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