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14 Signs That You’re Definitely a Teacher

Posted: Aug 20 2015

The holidays are nearly over but did you ever really leave school? Here are 14 signs that you are definitely a teacher wherever you go!

Advice for Teachers on Flat Hunting in London

Posted: Jan 24 2015

London is a fascinating place to live and teach in. The city is steeped in history with palaces and famous landmarks galore and it is also a cultural hub with lots of art galleri...

Anglo/German School Open For The First Time In The UK!

Posted: Dec 24 2013


April Fools Day Survival Guide For Teachers

Posted: Mar 30 2015

April Fool’s day is approaching, if you unlucky enough to be still in term time are you well prepared for your student’s potential pranks? If you are not sure what to expect or a...

Bucket List – What to do in the UK 2016

Posted: Jan 28 2016

So you’ve got through the test of January, here’s what you can look forward to in the UK for the rest of the year.

Christmas Carol Singing in London

Posted: Dec 17 2014

With the end of the Autumn term just days away, teachers throughout London will be looking forward to the end of this hectic week and the chance to relax and have some Christmas ...

First Welcome Evening 2014

Posted: Jun 20 2014

Last week we held the first of our monthly Welcome Evenings for SANZA teachers who’ve made the move from Australia, Canada or New Zealand. Hosted by Erin Horman, responsible for...

More Top Students Becoming Teachers, Suggests Data

Posted: Dec 17 2013


Ofsted Suggest Children Should Start School At 2 Years Old

Posted: Dec 18 2013


Professor Michael Barber Acknowledges Labour Fails To Deliver Promise To Improve Children’s Literacy

Posted: Dec 19 2013


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