Keeping Children Safe in Education

Posted: Dec 13 2016

Here at SANZA, we are committed to making the safety of the children in your schools our number one priority.

Top 5 Places to go Ice Skating in London

Posted: Nov 14 2016

Need something to do this Christmas in London? Over the festive period there are plenty of activities and festivals being held across London!

7 things to do over Halloween in London

Posted: Oct 27 2016

Recently moved to London and looking for something to do on Halloween? Look no further, here at SANZA we have listed the top 7 perfect Halloween outings for you to try. Whether y...

Enter a colleague in the SANZA ‘Teacher of the Term’ awards!

Posted: Oct 26 2016

The SANZA Teacher of the Term award recognises teachers play a pivotal role in a child's early years, inspiring us to learn and encouraging us to reach our full potential. Teache...

Webinars hosted by SANZA Teaching

Posted: Sep 09 2016

Are you looking to move to the UK to teach? SANZA Teaching can not only help you through the process but we also host a whole range of online webinars that you can use to learn m...

Back to school - How to get your class back in the mood for learning

Posted: Aug 31 2016

As August draws to a close we all know what is coming, and for teachers it’s always bittersweet. We all know getting back to school can be hard for children, so we have got 8 per...

Looking back at Rio 2016 in the Classroom

Posted: Aug 23 2016

As the world’s eyes fall upon the Rio 2016 Olympics, the greatest athletes in the world come together to compete for national pride and most importantly an Olympic medal. The aim...

Top Tips For Teaching in the UK

Posted: Jul 15 2016

With our years of experience, we've helped a huge number of overseas teachers get new jobs. Here are our top tips for teaching in the UK.

10 things you should know about moving to London

Posted: Jun 15 2016

Top Tips for moving to London. Get to know the lingo – Pants and chips mean very different things in the UK than in America or Australia.

UK Visa Application - Top Tips

Posted: May 26 2016

Completing your visa application is a vital step towards moving to the UK to teach. Our post gives you some top tips on how to be as prepared as possible.

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