What is it like to teach in London?

Posted: Sep 14 2015

Every week we help many teachers move from overseas to the UK, in particular teachers from Australia, New Zealand and Canada. If you have not travelled to London before you are bound to be wondering what it is like to teach in the city. We have taken comments from existing teachers and put together an overview of what you can expect when moving to London to be a teacher. 

Experience the Culture

If you are coming from an English country you may not expect there to be many cultural differences, however we expect you may be surprised. Everyone takes some time to adjust to somewhere new, don’t worry before you know it you will be saying crisps instead of chips and flip flops instead on jandals in no time!

On the whole, people are very considerate in London and you will often witness people giving up their seat on the tube for someone that may need it more. 

If you are feeling a little homesick there are plenty of places that will make you feel at home. New Zealanders can get all of their favourite treats from Kiwi Fruits, Australians head to Walkabout and Canadians head to The Maple.

Gain Amazing Life Experiences

There are over three and a half thousand schools in London covering all age groups and special schools. The range of students is diverse and London will allow you to experience a multicultural society that you can’t get elsewhere. If you are looking to advance your teacher skills whilst having fun then this is the place for you to be!

London is the ideal base for travelling Europe during your time off as you can easily pick up a cheap flight to Europe from any of the London based airports. 

Work Hard and Play Hard 

You will not be alone, so many people will be in the position as you. You will find it easy to pick up new friends just from getting out and about. There are plenty of social clubs, bar crawls such as Nights Gone Wild and tours to take advantage of. There is no need to worry about getting bored as there is always something going on in fast paced London city life. 

What about the Cost?

The benefits of living in the city far outweigh the costs as you are surrounded by many of the best social spots, restaurants, bars and historic sites in the world. Before committing to any longer term housing contracts a lot of teachers moving to London for the first time will temporarily live in affordable accommodation such as a hostel or a shared house. If you already have a good idea of where you want to be then there are plenty of houses and flats to rent or buy. 

SANZA will help you organise all of your paperwork and living arrangements so no need to stress out! We can help you work, experience the city and travel.

If you think London sounds like the place for you get in touch or complete our registration form today and we will help you find your perfect teaching job.


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