Permanent Teaching Jobs in the UK

SANZA specialise in recruiting teachers to work in the UK. We have many different types of teaching jobs available including permanent and long term teaching positions. Click here to view our latest permanent teaching positions in the UK. 

Our recruitment consultants are experts in the UK education sector and work closely with schools and teachers to ensure that we find the right candidate to fulfil the position. 

Whether you have already been to London and have decided that this is where you want to be, or you have never visited the capital, but are looking for a long term job, we will be able to help you find your perfect permanent or long term job. 

What are the benefits of teaching on a long term basis in London?

  • There is so much to see and do in London that you really do have to work long term to experience the entire city let alone the rest of the UK! 
  • There are many historical and cultural sites to explore such as Big Ben, Tower of London and Buckingham Palace to name just a few! 
  • London is full of diverse people and cultures so you don’t need to worry about ‘fitting in’.  
  • Having a permanent or long term position gives you more financial security as you know how much money you will be receiving each month. 
  • Permanent members of staff are able to establish long term relationships with colleagues and become more integrated into the school.
  • Opportunities to advance your teaching career are more likely.

If you are looking for a permanent or long term teaching job in the UK fill out our registration from today and we will send you updates with the latest teaching jobs. If you have any queries regarding any of our permanent teaching or long term jobs please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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