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SEN teachers are employed to work with children who need additional support. Such pupils will often have disabilities which may be sensory or physical, including hearing or visual impairments. Pupils might have learning difficulties such as dyspraxia or dyslexia, or face difficulties with conditions such as mental health, autism, speech or language impairments or combinations of these conditions.

These children often require additional support to reach their full potential in school. The learning structure for these children will vary between them in order to help them achieve goals, for example some students may need to communicate in sign language or braille.

Where do SEN teachers work?

SEN teachers work in state and independent schools and academies, as well as other establishments were they are needed, for example young offender centres, hospitals and care homes. In many cases, the educational establishments will not necessarily be exclusive to children who have special needs requirements.  

What is required of a SEN teacher?

  • Lesson planning
  • Preparing classrooms for lessons
  • Marking work by students
  • Specialist communication techniques including lip reading, braille and sign language
  • Use equipment to assist learning such as computers and audio-visuals.
  • Collaborating with parents and fellow educators
  • Going to school meetings
  • Writing reports on the progress of students
  • Going on school trips and other activities
  • Helping and encouraging students to complete national curriculum subjects
  • Helping with the personal care of students and potentially providing medical assistance.

Qualifications required

SEN teachers must have the following qualifications in order to teach at a state school:

  • GCSEs (grades A-C) in English language, maths, and science
  • Must pass required health tests and criminal restriction checks
  • Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)

To achieve Qualified Teacher Status any of the following courses must be completed:

  • Teaching degree
  • Graduate/Registered Teacher Training programme
  • School-Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT)
  • Undergraduate teaching degree followed by a Postgraduate certificate in Education (PGCE)
  • Teachers that are already qualified must undertake specialist courses, such as the ability to teach sign language to deaf children.

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